Internal Structure

Smart Money Concepts Internal Structure by Sonarlab


You will learn What is Internal Structure and How to use the Internal Structure Settings in the Sonarlab Indicators

What is Internal Structure?

The internal structure is different from the swing structure. Internal Structure is more sensitive and spots direction faster, since itโ€™s using candle stick movements as his structure. As you can see this is structure within the swing structure. Thatโ€™s why we called it internal structure

Internal Structure Settings

Show All Internal Structure: Option to show/hide the swing structure

Show Highs/Lows: Turning this on will only show the most recent Swing High and Swing Low

Strong Close: Candles will need to close more than 50% over the high/low to qualify as a successful BOS Using this feature prevents false breakouts as the BOS Candle needs to have a strong close

Strong Candle: The candle body that creates the BOS must be % bigger than the rest of the candle Using this feature prevents false breakouts, as the BOS candle must have a large body

Show Equal Highs/Lows: Turning this on will mark Equal Highs and Lows on the chart. Change the threshold on what determines a Equal high/low

Minimum BOS Candles: Set the minimum number of required candles allowed to be be recognised as structure. The number of candles in a structure can be calculated by counting the number of candles from the candle high/low to the candle that created the BOS.

BOS Type: Choose whether a candle close or a candle wick determines a BOS

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