Most Commonly Asked Questions

How do I get access?

1) Sign up to any plan on our website 2) During sign up, make sure you have provided us with your correct TradingView Username 3) Once completed, Refresh your TradingView window and you will see the premium indicators in your invite-only section in TradingView

Can you guarantee results?

Our goal is to provide the best tools as possible to make trading Smart Money Concepts and other Technical Analysis based strategies easier and faster. We can't guarantee anything, however, the concepts within the tools are traded successfully by a lot of our premium users

How much experience is needed?

We have carefully designed our software so that even the newest trader can analyze the market with the fundamental framework of a true professional. However, there needs to be an understanding of how the concepts work and operate in the market, so you can implement it the right way.

Is there anything else I get apart from the indicators?

1) Full access to our Sonarlab Trading Community, A group of over 2,000+ (and growing) highly motivated and like-minded individuals that sits at the core of everything we do at Sonarlab… Don’t worry, once you’re in, you will know what we mean. Where professional traders share their set-ups and trade break-downs. ‍2) The Sonarlab Smart Money Concept (SMC) Premium Indicator Suite, our tech driven answer to consistent and profitable trading in the 21st century. 3) Access to all of our future innovations and improvements.

How do you set up Alerts?

We have provided a detailed article about how to create alerts with our premium indicators

What are the best settings for the indicators?

We recommend that you use the default settings for each of the indicators. However, you should still experiment with the settings to understand what they each do, and how they can be useful to you.

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