Frequently Asked Questions

Why is are the Order Blocks not showing?

1) There may be no Order Blocks available to show. 2) The Order Block may be too far back on the Lower Timeframe to be able to process it. For example if you are on the 1 minute and trying to view the Daily OB that was 14 days ago. That would be too much to process of the 1 minute.

Why has the Trading Panel got a blank cell?

1) The timeframe you selected in the SMC HTF Settings is a lower timeframe than the timeframe you are viewing. In the below image you can see the Higher Timeframe selected is the 1 Hour but the chart I am viewing is the 4 Hour. This will make the cells in the Trading Panel that read this timeframe blank.
Higher Timeframe is lower than the active timeframe
2) The Swing or Internal structure may be too far back for the indicator to read it. In the image below, you can see that we are currently viewing the 5 minute chart, and wanting to use the Daily as our Higher Timeframe. The Daily Swing Structure is too far back in the past on the 5 minute timeframe to be able to read it.
Data is too far back